Doree’s Ancestors of Note

Doree's Sire: Balzac de Haille au Loup, whelped in France. What a Beast of a GSP

Bona's Anita : Doree's Mother, I love the look of this girl, she is so well built.

Orkan Bis Od “Karpatskog Cveta” Anita’s Sire (Yug) Four KS Titles in Four Generation Pedigree. KS Stands for Kurzhaar Sieger a Difficult and Coveted Title Only Awarded to Deutsch Kurzhaar. (Shorthaired Pointers of German Only Registry) Doree's Grandfather Dam side, half German Lines, half Serbian lines

Kim: Dorees Granddam, mothers side, imported from Serbia. Acheivements: CAC CACIB BOB BOG

Grando Del Rade Savic: Kims Sire ( Doree's Great Grand Sire ) son of Prinz Del Rade Savic 2008 World field Trail Champion. A very hansome GSP. Achievements: 4xPRMCACIB 4xBOB 4xBOG BIS 2xRBIS

Prinz Del Rade Savic: 2008 World Field Trail Champion, International Field Champion, Doree's Great Great Grandsire, Dams side. Notice how high he holds his head while on point.

Wasov Rothenuffeln: Orkan’s Grand Sire (Germany) He has a beautifull coat pattern and is very well built.

Amigo KS Vom Der Asseburg :Orkan’s Great Grand Sire (Germany)

Orkan pedigree, very impressive linage

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