Doree’s Ancestors of Note



  : Balzak  De La Haille Au Loup (FRANCE)   Doree’s Sire

(Balzak has some very awesome ancestors. Unfortunately we do not have permission to use their photos.)

:Bona’s Anita Bred From Imported Stock  (Doree’s Dam)

:Kim – Doree and Rango’s Granddam  CAC CACIB  BOB BOG (Anita’s Dam)


:Grando Del Rade Savic   4xPRMCACIB 4xBOB 4xBOG BIS 2xRBIS 

(Kim’s Sire)

:Princ Del Rade Savic Int Champion 2005 World Field Trial Champion

:Orkan  Bis Od “Karpatskog Cveta”  Anita’s Sire  (Yug)   Four KS Titles in 

Four Generation Pedigree. KS Stands for Kurzhaar Sieger a Difficult and Coveted Title Only Awarded to  Deutsch Kurzhaar.  (Shorthaired Pointers of German Only Registry)

:Wasov Rothenuffeln: Orkan’s Grand Sire  (Germany)

:Amigo KS Vom Der Asseburg :Orkan’s Great Grand Sire (Germany) 

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