Von Meistern’s Doree

Doree has quite the personality, she is the happiest go lucky, Gsp I have ever owned. Her tail hardly ever stops wagging. She’s quite sure everyone is her very best friend. Having a 65lb dog try to climb in my lap can be annoying, she makes up for it, by also being my most loyal dog. The rest of the gang will go off to play, and she will hang out with me, while I work on my projects. Doree was a fast starter, she was making 40-to-50-yard water retrieves as a very young pup. She’s very intelligent and catches on fairly quickly during training. She was barely 7 months old when she hit the bird fields. As my friend David can attest, she handled herself really well her 1st season.  She has only gotten better as she has matured.   Doree handles a relocating, trying to sneak off Rooster, better than any dog I have seen.  It truly is a joy to watch her work.   She also excels a tracking cripples and retrieving.   In 2016 she worked a cripple, broken wing, rooster for near 200 yards, before pinning then retrieving it.   That bird did everything he could to lose her.  She is a trained to back dog, but her pups have been natural backers.  Backing or honoring is when a pointer, points behind another dog already on point.  In other words, they don’t try to move up and “steal the point “, from the dog closer to the bird.  Doree has been trained to heal off lead, whoa on command, and to be steady to flush, wing, and shot and to retrieve on command.

Doree's Sire: Balzac de Haille au Loup, whelped in France. What a Beast of a GSP

Bona's Anita : Doree's Mother, I love the look of this girl, she is so well built.

Orkan Bis Od “Karpatskog Cveta” Anita’s Sire (Yug) Four KS Titles in Four Generation Pedigree. KS Stands for Kurzhaar Sieger a Difficult and Coveted Title Only Awarded to Deutsch Kurzhaar. (Shorthaired Pointers of German Only Registry) Doree's Grandfather Dam side, half German Lines, half Serbian lines

Kim: Dorees Granddam, mothers side, imported from Serbia. Acheivements: CAC CACIB BOB BOG

Grando Del Rade Savic: Kims Sire ( Doree's Great Grand Sire ) son of Prinz Del Rade Savic 2008 World field Trail Champion. A very hansome GSP. Achievements: 4xPRMCACIB 4xBOB 4xBOG BIS 2xRBIS

Prinz Del Rade Savic: 2008 World Field Trail Champion, International Field Champion, Doree's Great Great Grandsire, Dams side. Notice how high he holds his head while on point.

Wasov Rothenuffeln: Orkan’s Grand Sire (Germany) He has a beautifull coat pattern and is very well built.

Amigo KS Vom Der Asseburg :Orkan’s Great Grand Sire (Germany)