Helga’s Page

     Helga is a beautiful Black and White German Shorthaired Pointer; she is the result of a Kaiser x Greta breeding. Helga is very intelligent and a bit mischievous. For example: she knows that I don't allow the dogs to jump on me. So, she stands on her rear legs and leans in gently with her shoulder against my body. Helga will stand there as long I let her. Like the rest of my dogs, she really likes the water and to play fetch.

     Helga has had three very, very good hunting seasons. While we didn't find a lot of birds this year, she certainly found her share. She has a ton of hunt drive, a good nose, and is very cooperative. She naturally honored her daddy on her very first hunt when she was less than a year old. Helga is steady on point and has a stylish look on point. Unfortunately, I haven't had much luck getting good pictures of her in action.


Von Meistern's Helga

Helga in the center on point in the cattails of South Dakota

Helga center Dog on Point in the cattails of South DakotaImage

Diamond Willow's Kaiser


Greta Die Tochter Von Meistern