Training Essentials Page

The Training section of the website, covers basic essential obedience training topics for your Pointer puppy. Basic and intermediate field training topics for those who want to train their own pointer to hunt.

Subjects Sit/Stay, Here, Heel

In the Obedience section we will cover the basics of obedience training. Heeling, Sit/Stay, Here, and How to Properly Introduce your Pup to the E-collar, are explained in detail. Please click on the menu with the subject title to look at the topic in depth.

In the field training section, the subjects covered in depth are Introduction to Birds, Introduction to Water, Introduction to Gunfire, and how to Speed train your dog to Whoa.

Doree Sit/Stay Training

Doree; Working on the heel command.

Greta; whoa training using the Buddy stick

Greta; Electric collar conditioning.

Rango, Steadiness to flush, wing, and shot.

Greta Whoa Training using the Buddy Pole.

Rango, Steadyness training on live birds aprox 9 mo's old

Doree, steadiness on point training, no E-collar, no check cord.