Von Meistern’s Croix

    The Von Meistern's Saint Croix my Savior aka Croix page is designed to feature a Dog that came from our kennel as a puppy.  Croix is out of our female Von Meistern's Helga and our male Von Meistern's Ivo.   Croix was the last puppy placed from his litter. But as I tell people looking to buy a puppy from Von Meistern kennels, "The last puppy picked is as good as the 1st puppy picked".  Crois is living proof of that fact.  He was my favorite from that litter, as he had a quality about him that I really liked.  He's beautiful, intelligent, hardworking, calm and loving.


Black and White spotted and Ticked Male.

Weight: lean 70lbs

Owned by Joesph R.

  He has a great owner, as Joesph keeps Croix involved in various activities.  Croix has shown tremendous aptitude and skill working game birds, during the 21-22 season he had 75 birds shot over him. And he has, with training, become a very serious competitor at the sport of dock diving.  So far Croix has a 1st and a 3rd place showing, with an invite to the national dock diving competition in Louisiana.

 Like most activities involving canines, basic obedience training is the building block to sucess, Dock Diving is no different.  Joe started out by teaching Croix to sit until released.  Introducing Croix to water and teaching him to fetch were also part of the process. Since Croix comes from GSP lines that love water and retrieving, it was really just a matter of putting everything together with lots of practice.

Croix's Hunting Section


Croix's Dock Diving Section.

ImageImageIst place finishImage