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Welcome To Greta’s Page.

Greta has been an absolute joy to have in our home and has excellent hunting skills. Greta is intelligent and fun to train, because she catches on quickly and is cooperative. She’s one of those dogs that can go from 0 to 50mph and back again when the hunts over. She likes to watch TV and be a couch potato cuddler one minute and go outside and race up and down the yard the next. She has a fantastic nose and never misses a bird. She is rock solid on point. If she has a fault, it is that she won’t relocate her point, (if the bird moved on her), until given a command. Not really a bad fault, but it’s really neat to watch a dog work a slippery moving Rooster. She loves to swim and likes to cannonball into the water. Probably her favorite thing to do is go for a ride in the back of a truck. Dogs love truck rides, but Greta takes going for a ride to a whole new level.

She has great mothering instincts and is very protective of her pups, as well as the family. Someone didn’t get the door to the garage shut properly and we had a couple of pups climb out of the whelping box and try to leave the building. Greta was found pushing the 5-week-old pups back into the garage. She wasn’t about to let them go outside, what a girl!

Greta is also my designated cuddler, she spends a lot of cuddle time with me when I’m home and watching the TV.

Greta's Sire Bona's Boss
Greta's  Dam Bona's Rina

No official Pedigree available for Bona’s Boss, click on the following link for Greta’s 8 generation pedigree. Lot of famous GSP’s both here and in Europe.

Rina's Pedigree
Greta at 10 weeks
Greta on Point

:FC AFC P J Wildfire’s Super Sport 2011 GSP Hall Of Fame

( Appears three times in Greta’s Pedigree )

:FC AFC Nicky Von Blitz 2009 GSP Hall Of Fame

( Appears in Greta’s pedigree three times)

NAFC FC AFC P J Wildfire’s Angel : 2006 GSP Hall Of Fame

NFC FC Heide’s Mighty City Slicker : GSP 2007 Hall Of Fame

GSPCA Futurity Winner FC Heidi Ho-Pinehurst 2007 GSP Hall Of Fame

( Appears twice in Greta’s pedigree )

NFC FC Sanjo Sin City Slicker 2004 GSP Hall Of Fame

( Appears twice in Greta’s Pedegree )

FC AFC Dixieland’s Rusty 1997 GSP Hall Of Fame

( Appears twice in Greta’s pedigree )

FC AFC NAFC P J Wildfire 1991 GSP Hall Of Fame

( Appears five times in Greta’s Pedigree )

NFC FC Checkmate’s Dandy Dude 1981 GSP Hall Of Fame

( Appears three times in Greta’s pedigree )

More Hall of Fame ; FC Jigs White Smoke 1991 GSP Hall Of Fame (no picture) AFC FC Tip Top Savage Sam 1989 GSP Hall Of Famee (no Pictcure)

Also appearing ; FC AFC PJ Wildfire’s Jack ( no photo ) :FC AFC Wildfire southern Express ( no photo )

Dual Champion Bona ( YUG ) Love the look of this female. (Great Grand Dam, Appears Twice in Pedigree )

Dual Champion Don III ( YUG ) Bonas Kennels

( A Great Grand Sire )

Pipo Del Rade Savic Champion Yugoslavia Field Trials

( Sire of 2013 World Field Trial Champion, full brother to Prinz Del Rade Savic, World Field Trial Champion 2008, and Greta's Great Great Grand Sire.)

Balzac De La Haille Au Loup (France)

( Greta’s Grand Sire )

For a lot of really great GSP's from Balzacs home kennel go to

I hope you enjoyed our pictures.