German Shorthair Pointer Puppies for Sale

NO Puppies for Sale, we have sold out for now, Planing a litter mid 2020.

Enjoy the collage of puppy pics below!



Below are a few pictures of German Shorthaired Pointers that were bred by us. These dogs are fine examples of the puppies Von Meistern produces. 


Ace at the Marsh

Ace is Owned and Trained by Alex

Blue Kaiser on Point "Blue"

Owned and Trained by the Loves

Jasmine on Point

Owned and Trained by Kevin Flanders

Von Meistern's Marco on point

Marco is Owned by the Hultings

Von Meistern"s Ace and Alex

Von Meistern's Jasmine working the Marsh

Von Meistern's Blue Kaiser

Von Meistern's Marco

Von Meistern's Gauss

Owned and Trained by Chris Petrie

Ruby honoring Liege on Point, Ruby is from our 1st litter Kaiser X Doree

Turner's Jax, Owned and trained by Brain Turner

Liege with Ruby backing, does Liege ever give up being the Alpha?

Chris drove all the way from Texas to pick up Ruby.

Ruby after a successful Ruffled Grouse hunt, her 1st, late Sept in Minnesota.

Blue Kaiser making one of his many retreives. This guy is quite the Bird dog.

The pictures in the slider above were mostly taken in the 1st year of the Pups life. These are ment to show the beauty and natural abilities of our  pups.

Kaiser: Our Stud  on Point with Elsa November 2017.

 Kaiser and Greta on Point 2015 near Wapello, Ia.

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  1. Hello from Texas!
    We moved across the country from Iowa to Texas. Marco (GSP) loves a new terrain.
    Please email me with information about available puppies.

    1. Post

      Hi Anna, For some reason my emails are not being fowarded to my regular email inbox. I just checked and found your email to the web site. I sold all my puppies from the most recent litter. Planning on having a litter mid summer with a Sister to Marco and a liver Male I have purchused that has bloodlines that are similar to Marcos Mom, Doree. Should be a good match. Let me know if this might interest you.

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