Raina’s Page

   Von Meistern's Queen Raina is a product of our breeding Program.  She is the offspring, from an early 2016 litter, of Diamond Willows Kaiser ( Sharpshooter Kennels line) X Doree (European lines) .  Raina has some of the finest bloodlines you can find in a German Shorthaired Pointer. Her Sire is a product of one of the finest, if not the finest breeding program in the U.S. Sharpshooterr Kennels has produced more NAVHDA Invitational Champions than any other kennel. Her mother Doree is a combination of German, French and Serbian shorthair lines.
   Raina is more independent minded than most of our Shorthairs, a little attention and she's good for a long time.   She is very mellow and therefore an easy dog to live with at home or on a hunt. She is a very beautiful dog with a speckled coat, like eastern European Shorthairs have. She has a tremendous amount of hunt drive, works well with other dogs, a solid bird finder, steady on point, and retrieves to hand.  She really loves to play fetch and shows her athleticism competing with the other dogs to get the ball.
Raina on point at he Jim Edgar Refugee

Raina on Point 2018 at the Jim Edgar Wildlife Refuge.   It was a great hunt.


Raina's Sire Diamond Willow's Kaiser

A young Doree on Point

Raina's Mother Doree