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Diamond Willows Kaiser is a result of, arguably, the most successfull German Short Haired Pointer breeding and training program in the US. Sharpshooter Kennels owners, the Vetters are savy breeders and extremely successful in the NAVHDA system of testing. I took a look at the list of dogs that qualified for the NAVHDA Invitational Test in 2014. Sharpshooter Kennels had six GSP’s qualify that year. That was more than any kennel of the recognized breeds. They had 3 of the 6 pass the test. Kaiser’s NAVHDA pedigree shows that his parents, grandparents, and great grandparents all passed the Invitational test. Passing the Invitational test earns the dog the title of Versatile Champion. The percentage of dogs who pass the Invitational ranges from roughly 30% to roughly 45%, depending on the year examined.

For a dog to have the pedigree Kaiser has, a whole lot of hard work has had to have happen. I would bet there are only a relative few dogs have that kind of heritage.

While Kaiser wasn’t purchased directly from Sharp Shooter Kennels, Kaiser’s breeder purchased his parents from Sharp Shooter Kennels. With the help of the Vetters, Joe trained and handled, Mom and Dad all the way to their Versatile Championship title.

Kaiser was a fairly mellow puppy right into adolescence. That changed around 12 months of age. He is one intense dog, well behaved still, but ready for action, with laser focus. Kaiser is extremely intelligent and learns quickly, easy to train and retains his training for a long time. For example, I hadn’t asked him to heel for months, but when I did, he fell right in. And that was off lead.

Kaiser is efficient in the field, has a good nose, and is steady on point. He honored without training and is a solid retriever. The best thing is he really works well with other dogs in the field, he definitely is a team player. He loves the water and does a decent job of water searches. Training in this area will improve his searches. Kaiser has a lot of potential to grow more skilled with advanced training. I haven’t been able to work with him much in the last 12 months, due to moving. As we get caught up from our move in 2016, to a new location, I expect to get my training program back on track.

On the left above is Kaiser’s Sire VC Sharp Shooters Making the Rounds “DOC”
On the right is VC Sharp Shooter’s Going Places “ABBBY” Kaiser’s mother.

The unofficial pedigree of Kaiser.  This pedigree shows the viewer several things, it shows the titles acheived by the GSP’s in Kaiser’s linage from all the different sanctioning bodies.  AKC pedigree only shows titles sanctioned by AKC, ect.  More importantly it shows that his linage is derived from some of the best GSP lines in the US. It also shows the linebreeding strategy used to pass on the traits of the most outstanding dogs, such as MAN-IN-BlACK, to succeeding generations.

Kaiser's Mother VC Sharpshooter's Going Places, NA 112pts, 1: UT 201, 1; Invitational Test 196pts Pass.

Kaiser's Grandfather and Great Grandfather VC Sharp Shooters Man-in-Black NA 112pts, 1; UT 204 pts, Invitational Test 200 pts pass. Also Int Champion, and AKC Master Hunter.

Includes All NAVHDA recognized breeds.

VC Sharp Shooters Spy Girl NA 112pts 1; UT 196 pts 1; Invitational Test 198 pass

Kaiser's GrandDam Sire Side.

VC Sharp Shooters Fifth Element NA 110 pts 1; UT 204 Pts 1; Invitational Test 200 pass

Kaiser's Granddam Mothers side.

VC Roughneck Walk the Line NA 112 pts 1; UT 192 Pts 1; Invitational Test 200 pass AKC Champion

Kaiser's GrandSire, Mothers side.

VC Shooting Stars Sharp Shooter Master Hunter was the Sire of Sharp Shooters Man In Black, He appears 4 times in Kaisers 5 generation pedigree, twice as Man in Blacks sire and twice as the sire to females in the family tree. Twice on the sire's side and twice on the dams side of the pedigree. This is an excellent example of line breeding a top quality dog, to produce outstanding quality down the line.

VC Sharp Shooters Making the Rounds, NA 112 pts, 1; UT 204 pts 1; Invitational Test 200 pts, pass

Kaiser's Sire