Rango’s Sire:  Derek  (YUG)                                                                                                                      Rango’s Dam:  Bona’s Annie








Link to 8 generation pedigree showing the line-breeding involved.




 Baby Rango at 8 weeks   Fabulous personality , lots of character, very loving  & friendly dog.


Rango Pointing the Proverbial Wing

 Rango Posing With His First Rooster Approx 6 mo’s Old


 Rango In Feb 2012 9 mo’s working on steadiness   He pointed and retrieved  8 of 10 Chukkar that day. One retrieve was especially impressive as the bird was shot on the other side of  a deep ravine in thick brush. He found it in less than a minute and was back with the bird in a flash.

 Rango July 2012  In the Backyard: Despite the fact it was very hot, he was wound up, trying to follow the tweety birds flying overhead.  Here, he is taking a breather from the chase.   This guy has some serious hunt drive.


 July 2012 14 Mo’s.  Working on water retrieves he decides to point some Ducks in the distance.  It amazes me how good Rango’s eye sight is.  He can spot a flying bird a long ways off. His name probably should have been Radar.  He is always on alert.  Rango loves the water and retrieving from water. 


 Rango 19 Mo’s  His second Bird season.  The 2012 drought was severe in our area.  We are standing in a dried up marsh/wetlands area.   We had been hunting for three hours and I needed a break.  Rango had hunted hard all three hours and I still had a hard time getting a good picture. He just didn’t want to quit moving;  checking here, checking there, always on alert.


Rango 22 mo’s  Picture taken by his breeder Mike Martinovic near his kennel in North Judson, In.  Rango was looking good that day.


Rango 23 mo’s We ran our first AKC hunt test at the Senior level.   The judges liked him very much.  

24 mo’s  Working on steady to flush and shot.  My goal is for Rango to earn his AKC Master Hunter title, and a NAVHDA  UT 1 

To be continued


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