Whoa Training with the Buddy Stick

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I discovered the Buddy Stick when I purchased a DVD by Mark Payton, Sr.  on whoa training called Whoa, Dog. Whoa!     It is  the perfect tool for getting your pointing dog to stop immediately on command.  The Buddy Stick was invented by Buddy Smith a member of the Field Trial Hall of Fame.

I couldn’t figure out  how to get Rango  my GSP to stop when commanded.   If I wasn’t right beside him, he wanted to come to me, then stop.   This is a common problem.   No one I trained with had shown how to fix this problem.

You might be asking why train the dog to Whoa?  It is the fundamental command to teaching a dog to hold point.  It is the foundation to the dog being steady to flush and shot.  To teaching backing , and to stop on anything running ahead of the dog.  Be that thing a bird, a deer, or a bobcat.

Out of frustration I started searching for a training DVD that covered the subject.  Luckily I found Whoa, Dog. Whoa!                 It showed that by using a PVC pipe with a snap to attach to a collar you could easily control when and where the dog stops.  The Buddy stick is easy to make.  It can be built for less than $15.00 including the hardware.

You can use the Buddy Stick to train in other skills.   Such as quartering, heeling, and steadying to wing and shot.

The Whoa, Dog. Whoa! DVD is an excellent training DVD.   The reason I like it is that it only has one topic; whoa training.   The trainer Mark Payton, Sr. covers the subject in-depth.  A lot of dog training videos cover many topics and only superficially. Probably because of the time it would take to cover everything in depth.   

On my  whoa training page  https://www.vonmeisterngsps.com/?page_id=140 I will explain how I made my Buddy  Stick.  And go in-depth on how to whoa train your dog.

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